Pure Green Magazine | Lauralee Whitman

Honored to have contributed images to Pure Green Magazine's blog series on Motherhood & Livelihood. The first podcast interview is with the beautiful mama-to-be (at the time) Lauralee Whitman. You can check out Pure Green Magazine's full post HERE. Styled by Type A Society's Carrie Moe. More of my fave images to come soon :)! KarynJohnsonPhotography_0102  

Film Fridays | October Edition | Kyle

Managed to put together a few frames for this month's film Friday post...shot a roll of Portra 400 and forced my youngest one to try and smile for me :), Contax 645, developed and scanned by Nichols Photo Lab. On to Jenny Owens, Hampshire family Photographer's film Friday post next! Enjoy your weekend :).KarynJohnsonPhotography_kyleKarynJohnsonPhotography_kyle_0013KarynJohnsonPhotography_kyle_0015

Film Fridays | Ethan | Lincoln High | Stockton, CA High School Senior Photographer

Well...his senior year is here and can't you tell how excited he was to let mom get a few snaps?! His name is Ethan and yep, he has his dad's sarcastic sense of humor...which equates to a lot more gray hairs for me :). Ha!...Love him to death though and wouldn't trade him for anything. I tried out a little white seamless for this roll of film and ordered a new color for my next roll. I loved the comfort of sitting on my dining room floor in my pj's shooting these...I hightly recommend it...you'll love it :). I did shoot some b&w with my rollei, but my boys didn't let me get through the whole roll :(, maybe next time. Let's go see what Heidi Adams shot this month and then follow our entire film circle! Contax 645, Fuji 400h, Richard Photo Lab

Film Fridays | May Edition | The Crame Family

Where has this month gone? The boys and I have been so busy these past few weeks that just thinking about it makes me dizzy! But here we are, last Friday of the month...you get to see what our talented group of ladies have been up to lately. My film share this month is a few frames of my sister and her beautiful family. She has girls...I have boys. Ummm....I think I got the easier deal! Ha! Love you my nieces xoxo! Contax 645, Fuji 400h, RPL.

Don't forget to follow our circle and visit Katiusca Guzman next! Happy Friday :).


Beautiful Miss Toree is turning 15 next month! Happy early bday to you Toree, enjoy your big day :)!

Film Fridays | March Edition | Toree

I actually shot a full session with beautiful Miss Toree (for her upcoming 15th bday, yay!), but I snuck in one roll at the end of the shoot to send over to Photovision to have it developed and scanned for this month's Film Friday post. Mailed out on Saturday and had them in my inbox on Wednesday!!!! A nice lil surprise peak for me & Toree!! I highly recommend Photovision...they were super nice, courteous and need I say speedy ! Oh and Yes, I absolutely love what they sent back!!  Contax 645, Portra 400. Don't forget to follow our circle and visit my friend Jayme Franklin of  Jayme Franklin Photography next!

One roll Sessions

What you say? One roll sessions...what is that all about? Well they are just that, sessions where I shoot one roll of film of beautiful you! If you know me I love doing bday sessions of my nieces and nephews and they usually only have the patience for one roll and then they are DONE...however, most of my favorite images have come from these sessions! I find that they are their true crazy selves and I love that! This past fall, I also participated in a few one roll challenges (like the one pictured below) and guess what? Yep, loved those too. So I decided to offer these sessions to all of you! These are easy peasy too...you get to pick one of your favorite outfits for an on location shoot of your choice...when you're images are ready, I upload them to a gallery and drumroll please...you get all your digital images via email! Yep too easy right? Just use the contact link above to get more info. These are perfect lil sessions for birthday gifts, other milestones or that hubby of yours! Go take a look at a few of my pinterest boards for some inspiration: my "her" board and my "lil ones" board. I'll be posting some one roll sessions here soon!

And if you're looking for a full length family, high school senior, or portrait session, I can send you more info on those too :). Can't wait to meet you! xo, karyn

Film Fridays | February | Ashley

Sent my film to Indie Film Lab this month and had these scanned on the Frontier. Loved what I got back :). Contax 645, Fuji 400HNext up:  Central Maryland Photographer, Jessica Nelson of The Gaggle Photography.

Film is Not Dead | Haleiwa | Day 2

Film is Not Dead, Day 2 was all about families. (If you haven't read about my Day 1 experience yet, you can read more about it here.) We had sunshine, clouds and rain that day, but any day on the beach is a perfect day in my book!! Like Day 1, Jon split us up into three groups and then assigned us a family to practice what we learned that day. My group got to shoot the Seibel Family and each person had 3 minutes to pose them and shoot them...yes, you read that right...3 minutes...you thought I was shaking in my boots on day 1, well let's just say that I wasn't sweating because it was hot! LOL...I don't even remember what happened...but, I survived my 3 minutes, grabbed a shot from Jon's awesome setup and then tried to get a few shots of the other beautiful families as well. I have to admit that before attending FIND, shooting families made me a little anxious, but after Jonathan spelled out exactly how he goes about it and and then actually getting the opportunity to watch him do it, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE his casual approach to his family sessions! These are what I want my family photos to look like and I hope to check that off my to do list this year...I was holding my baby boy who is now 13 in my last family photo, yikes!!! As Jon stresses...photograph the people you love and do it NOW!! I'm hoping to get my sister's in front of the camera this year too...I'm sending this out there in the universe hoping that they hear :)!! Next blog post is all about my FIND family and some of their beautiful faces. Have a good week!! Thank you FIND family models!! The Seibel FamilyThe Greig FamilyThe Zulueta FamilyContax 645, Kodak Portra 800 & 4oo, dev & scanned by RPL