Film Fridays | January | Napa

Shoot a roll of film and share on the last friday of the month...its fridays! You can follow our entire group by clicking on the blog links in each post. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone's film adventures. Grab an old film camera and start shooting :). Don't forget to visit Orange County Photographer, Eileen Gomez' blog next :). So for all my film girls out there, I rented the 50 1.2 and had these developed & scanned by RPL, large scans on the Noritsu. They were a lot less grainy then my 35mm in the past, so I'm wondering if it's the lens or the large scans? Anyhoo...trying to see what lens I want to purchase next to use with my new 1V body, which I love btw :). What lens is your fave on your 35mm?

Canon 1V, Fuji 400h, Richard Photo Lab


This year I decided not to take part in a weekly project...I needed a little break from keeping to a weekly deadline. I really did love how it kept me shooting for me though...actually made me shoot, when I just wanted to sit on my couch with a hot cup of coffee and do nothing. Well, I still managed to do my share of that! and don't imagine that changing anytime soon ;)...however, I still wanted to have an outlet that obviously involved my camera and also film. So I thought I'd just shoot a roll of whatever from time to time and share a little...a little personal work, a little bit of me. What inspired this roll?...a colorful Trader Joe's lunch and a beautiful Zinfest bottle! And if you know me, you know that I can't end a meal without something sweet...:). Happy eating!