Pure Green Magazine | Bobbi Bankston | The Mason Bar Company

I'm a little behind but wanted to share some of my faves  from Bobbi Bankston's Pure Green Magazine's blog shoot. Her podcast was the second in a series on Motherhood & Livelihood. You can check out PGM's full post and listen to the podcast HERE. Styled by Type A Society's Carrie Moe. Enjoy!! And if you haven't heard of  Bobbi's company, The Mason Bar Company...you're missing out!! Go visit Bobbi's website...I know you're gonna love her products :).KarynJohnsonPhotography_0150KarynJohnsonPhotography_0148KarynJohnsonPhotography_0146KarynJohnsonPhotography_0149KarynJohnsonPhotography_0152KarynJohnsonPhotography_0155KarynJohnsonPhotography_0154KarynJohnsonPhotography_0153 Listen to the podcast here: Pure Green Magazine PodcastKarynJohnsonPhotography_0158