Film Fridays | Ethan | Lincoln High | Stockton, CA High School Senior Photographer

Well...his senior year is here and can't you tell how excited he was to let mom get a few snaps?! His name is Ethan and yep, he has his dad's sarcastic sense of humor...which equates to a lot more gray hairs for me :). Ha!...Love him to death though and wouldn't trade him for anything. I tried out a little white seamless for this roll of film and ordered a new color for my next roll. I loved the comfort of sitting on my dining room floor in my pj's shooting these...I hightly recommend'll love it :). I did shoot some b&w with my rollei, but my boys didn't let me get through the whole roll :(, maybe next time. Let's go see what Heidi Adams shot this month and then follow our entire film circle! Contax 645, Fuji 400h, Richard Photo Lab