Film Fridays | November Edition + Project 52 | Silver

Okay, I know this is like cheating big time...but gonna be away from my computer for a while and wanted to make sure I got both my Film Friday and Project 52 posts up :)! 1. Shoot a roll of film and share on the last friday of the month...its fridays! You can follow the entire group of us filmies by clicking on the blog links in each post. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone's film adventures. Grab an old film camera and start shooting :).

As film shooters do you ever get crazy when trying to decide if you want to shoot color or bw film? Well, that's me ALL DAY LONG...I always want to shoot both and I'm not one of those who can see whether a shot would look awesome in black and white at that particular moment or not...not to mention trying to juggle 2 cameras at once. So I've been playing around with b&w conversions on some of my color scans lately and really like vsco film's hp5- preset. What do you girls do to convert some of your color images to b&w? All images fuji 400h color scans converted with vsco film's hp5- preset, Contax 645. Don't forget to visit Hampshire Wedding  Photographer, Jenny Owen's blog next :).

2. Week 48 Theme: Silver...Does b&w count?...sure it does...I think I'm doubly cheating now!! So for my Sunday Project 52 group, please follow Alison Crane's link next. Thank you girls for indulging in my madness! Have a wonderful week! Alison Crane's blog: Bay Area Photographer, Alison Crane.