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Sundays, The Bloom Forum, 16 talented ladies, 52 weeks, 52 themes, 16 different interpretations = one inspiring year! week 15 theme: home / n  1. A place where one lives; a residence. a. An environment offering security and happiness.

With all the new camera gear that was released recently, I have had to practice great restraint in not lusting over the next new thing (which I hear is awesome, btw...ahem...5dmarkiii...). Soooo...I've turned to playing with some of my older toys. As most of you know, I have this thing for film, so I dusted off my $10 thrift store Canon AE-1 (manual focusing is not easy with this thing...), loaded it with Fuji Superia 800 and made my boy suffer, I mean sit through a few shots in my natural light studio a.k.a. my dining room! So stretching the theme here a bit, but this is where my loved ones and I sit every single day in our home. We were even blessed with having our family over for early Easter dinner last night, right where he's sitting! Happy Easter everyone. For all you filmies out & scanned by Costco.

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