Bloom | Project 52 | Horizon

Sundays, The Bloom Forum, 16 talented ladies, 52 weeks, 52 themes, 16 different interpretations = one inspiring year! week 17 theme: horizon / n  1. The line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet.

Happy Earth Day 2012! Thought I'd think clean air thoughts today with another image from a recent Lake Tahoe trip. This week's learning came in the form of removing unwanted things from my image...not great by any means, but I think that by removing a million street signs and snow markers make the view of the  horizon a little don't go looking for all my terrible mistakes, just sit back and enjoy the view :) Have a good one!!

Don't forget to follow our group and  find out how Phillip Island, Australia Photographer, Cara Richardson's  Rocal Rascals' interprets horizon this week.