Film Fridays | April Edition

Shoot a roll of film and share the entire roll on the last friday of the month...its fridays! You can follow the entire group of us filmies by clicking on the blog links in each post. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone's film adventures. Grab an old film camera and start shooting :). I was actually waiting on a few scans that I had in mind for this month's post, but that didn't work out as sitting at home with my sick boy, I thought...when life gives you lemons...why the heck not and try and make some darn good lemonade!!!! Geesh!!! So I took my Canon EOS 3 and some Fuji Superia 400 around my house and shot a whole roll of whatever the heck I felt like shooting. It was kinda like here's a whole roll (minus one that was completely blank...not sure what happened there), the good, bad and ugly (no, not you Kyle...). A little tour of my house on film...enjoy! Developed and scanned by Walgreens...cropped a few and removed dust from scans. And please don't forget to follow our blog circle by checking out Hampshire children and family portrait photographer, Jenny Owen's film friday post!