film fridays | march edition

Shoot a roll of film and share the entire roll on the last friday of the month...its fridays! You can follow the entire group of us filmies by clicking on the blog links in each post. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone's film adventures. Grab an old film camera and start shooting :). (okay so I bend the rules a bit here...) A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend Amanda Holloway's Kitchen Sink Workshop in New Orleans!! She shared everything!!...and I mean everything about how she runs her successful senior portrait business. We got to see her in action on 2 days of shoots and then learned her entire editing process (YOU can learn & experience her mad editing skillz here...Transform). I highly, HIGHLY recommend investing in one of her workshops... Amanda made me fall back in love with digital...don't get me wrong, film still has a special, firm hold on my heart that I still can't explain though :)!!!

If you've seen any posts from my blog this month, most of them have included at least one senior model that we were blessed with shooting! Well, I know that you all are thinking...what the heck does this have to do with film fridays KARYN?!!! In a workshop where learning how to edit digital files was part of the itinerary...yes I took my digital camera, but I also managed to get a few similar shots in both digital and analog formats (I tried to crop for comparison purposes). So today, I am sharing both side by side.

I love Amanda's simple yet effective workflow...I've witnessed a number of transformations (from my fellow NOLA peeps) of dull raw files into beautiful rich images (you have to check out some of her alumnii's much talent in that group and GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS work!!).  I also love the fact that she shoots with purpose, something that I think that all of us filmies have had to try and do with our new-old film cameras! So here they on the left and film on the right.

And please don't forget to follow our blog circle by checking out Hampshire children and family portrait photographer, Jenny Owen's film friday post! Have a good weekend everyone...we will be partying it up and eating son Ethan turns 16!!! on Sunday.

Digital: Canon 50d, pp using Amanda Holloway's editing techniques          Film: Contax 645, Fuji 400h, Image Source dev & scans