bloom | project 52 | pink

Sundays, The Bloom Forum, 16 talented ladies, 52 weeks, 52 themes, 16 different interpretations = one inspiring year! week 7 theme: pink / noun 1. a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple.

Well I don't know about you, but for me, February and pink conjures up everything relating to love and Valentine's Day. But to be honest, because my boys are older and we don't pass out sweet Valentine wishes at school anymore, we don't do much celebrating around here. And after trying to find anything, I mean anything pink in my house, there's no denying that my house is definitely a boy house! I think I need to girlie it up over here a bit...Have a good Valentine's Day everyone. Big hugs & kisses!! Now let's go see what's pink in Carrie Terrones, Las Vegas Photographer's neck of the woods.

Oh and I know that a lot of you are instagrammer's (I know that I'm addicted myself), but I thought I'd try out the camerabag app this week. These were done with the "instant" filter on my iphone, but they also have a desktop editing edition! If you haven't downloaded it yet, go check it out and have fun playing!!