bloom | project 52 | discovery

Sundays, The Bloom Forum, 16 talented ladies, 52 weeks, 52 themes, 16 different interpretations = one inspiring year! week 5 theme: discovery / noun  1. The act or process of discovering (discover: To notice or learn, especially by making an effort). This week my initial idea was to capture my son with his recently "discovered" unicycle. However, in the process I made a huge discovery myself...panning (a technique used to capture a moving object in motion) is not easy!! At first I was just going to take a quick pic of E with his unicycle, but early Saturday morning (obviously I needed more coffee) I googled panning and decided that I needed to capture him in motion. Over 1,200 clicks later...yes, that wasn't a typo...1,200+ shots later and a tired out lil pup (it's good for him, right)...I came up with this image.  Not perfect by any means, but a starting point for me. This is exactly why I love this challenged me to actually try this! I'll be practicing this technique, with hopes of improving on my first attempt here, when my son starts running again. If anyone wants to try panning, I recommend watching this video...but first, go see what  Carrie Terrones, Las Vegas Photographer discovered this week. Happy Sunday!!