More, More, More...of Corey

as a lot of you know or maybe you don't know, i've been shooting a lot of film lately...a. lot. of. film. but i've also been shooting with my digital camera (for comparison purposes) as well. so as i anxiously await my film scans from richards photo lab, you can find me at my desk processing my digital images. it takes about a week to get my film scans back (pure torture), but  i inevitably end up loving those scans, like 100% better, yes dramatic I know, but true and very much worth the wait. i don't know what it is, maybe it looks more real to me...whatever it is, i think it's beautiful. okay, so i'll say this for the millionth time this year, i love film! film will definitely be in my bag from here on out! thanks for sticking with my rambling and getting this far!!! so on to what really matters...the cutest nephew coredawg!!! happy 5th birthday corey. love you & your big personality.