Must Love Dogs!

Black Lab + Chow= Black tongue! So cute! Believe it or not, Jake was quite the model...more obedient than most people, lol! I don't want to be a downer in this post, but a lot of you know that my own baby dog (not really a baby, but ya know what i mean) has had a tumor on his foot for some time now and I am now faced with having to say goodbye to him. So seeing these images of Audrey and Jake have reminded me of the power of unconditional dog love (or pet love for that matter). Those loving eyes, that meaningful tail wag and did I say those eyes...yes those eyes...those eyes bring tears to my own eyes every time! So this post is dedicated to all those dogs out there who fill their owner's hearts with so much love and joy that when faced with losing them, we lose a part of ourselves. Love you Audrey & Jake for filling each other's hearts with that kind of love.