Evan & Paige

Most of you know that I'm a twin...Well my sister and I live a couple hours away from each other now and not too long ago realized that we ordered the same ice cream at Baskin Robbins...jamocha almond fudge and pistachio almond! So I guess that's not like WOW, crazy, WHAT...or newsworthy or anything and it may or may not prove the strong connection or bond that twins may have... but we grew up together and celebrated every birthday together and I know that although we don't always see eye to eye, we will always have our fun and maybe not so fun memories together :). So after spending the afternoon with Evan & Paige (yes, they too are adorable twins...) it reminded me of how lucky I was to have my sister to play and grow up with.  I've watched Evan & Paige grow over the past 6 years, lose a few teeth, and am also fortunate enough to see some of their artwork everyday...so I was happy to be able to capture some of their own memories for them. Thank you Evan & Paige for letting me spend an awesome afternoon with you. Have a good summer!