Saturday Night Love

Since the first day that I met him (and that was a long, long time ago...), my husband has cooked me some seriously delicious meals and hasn't stopped since. My family & friends call me spoiled. I agree. However, cooking is his passion and so is his family. Sure I like to go out every once in while and stir up some trouble with my friends ;), but I'm truly a homebody at heart. My perfect night is at home with Ranch & the boys (including our furry boy, Dollar), a good home cooked meal and a night of movies. Last night we did everything but the movies. Now if you're from Stockton, you know all about the Asparagus Festival and the deep fried asparagus with parmesan, right? Well if you're not, you can try the recipe out for yourself here. We really only eat it once a year at the festival, but I was kind of craving some of that bad yumminess. So yes, again, I am very, very spoiled and so truly grateful.  Thanks hon, I LOVE you for being your crazy, real self and LOVE you for loving us so much! (Thank you Angie for inspiring & reminding all of us at The Bloom Forum to slow down and document these very precious moments...the moments that may not mean anything to anybody else, but everything to ourselves.)